Some of the Brightest Minds in Tech

Jigish Chawda


Jigish is a Software Consultant by profession. He has worked across a range of businesses in domains like Travel, Banking, Customer Services and Home Automation. He brings with him an experience of helping teams apply Agile methodologies and development practices like TDD, Pair Programming, and Continuous Integration. Additionally, Jigish has acquired extensive technical experience in mobile application development, successfully delivering enterprise projects to production. His penchant for exploring new frameworks, development paradigms or non-technical stuff allows him to share the knowledge through global tech conferences and conduct boot camps.

His non-working hours are occupied with reading, travelling, trekking, indoor and outdoor climbing, practising Yoga and of course, lots of good sleep.


Currently, his areas of learning are containers (LXC), protobuf and grpc.

Yoga Master


George Ie


George is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience working in leading global technologies companies and with many industry verticals.  He was active in IT planning, consulting, project delivery and business development roles across the Asia Pacific and Australia.  He brings with him a wealth of domain and IT experience working with top companies around the world.

George is always keen to explore new stuff and loves good food, rock music, travelling and playing with his kids.  He loves to push his limits, which includes his car tires vs roads/corners, and chasing younger players around the soccer pitch while avoiding heart attacks.  Still a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy movies, he is currently struggling to beat his son on the PlayStation!

Tribal Chief


Michelle Ie

Michelle has learnt much under the wings of Mavericks. She looks forward to her next assignments and might just have grown to be a bit of a workaholic!


At times, Michelle can be highly competitive, especially in games with her family. She loves watching anime, reading books and listening to music from a variety of genres. Michelle is also a devout follower of the mala trend, loving all things that add some spice to her life!

Mich Marvel


Ashish Pundalik


A seasoned full-stack developer, Ashish combines his hands-on development expertise with his passion for Agile best practices to partner with clients in creating superior business value.


He has extensive experience working with large multinationals spanning business domains such as banking, e-retail, management consultancies and gaming. He brings a full range of on-shore and off-shore experience, guiding the development of holistic IT solutions right from inception to deployment.


He is an active advocate of Agile methodology and guides teams in implementing development best practices. He is also actively involved in spearheading community meet-ups and other knowledge-sharing forums.


Ashish is a passionate biker who combines his love for motorcycles and adventures to explore new places. He is also a snooker enthusiast, experimental cook, gamer and dog lover. 

The Disruptor


Julia Ong

Julia is keen and determined to learn as much as possible during her time with Mavericks. An eager learner, she is excited to broaden her knowledge as she interacts with and learns from the people she meets. 

In her free time, Julia enjoys binge-watching Korean dramas and occasionally practices embroidery. She aspires to pick up new languages such as Malay and Cantonese, and she regularly engages in volunteer work with children.  



Ryan Yeo

Ryan is an ex-soldier turned developer with a passion for using technology to make a positive impact on someone's life. At Mavericks, he hopes to learn, innovate and captivate through the beauty of technology. 

In Ryan's free time, he would either be working out at the gym alone or hanging out (usually with a glass of ice-cold beer at hand) with his friends. 



Abhinav Sagar


Abhinav is a product management professional with more than 10 years’ experience as part of product teams in the areas of Healthcare, Payments, Billing and Enterprise Communication.

He is proficient in defining product strategy, detailing product requirements, identifying user needs through extensive market research & analytics, maintaining comprehensive product backlogs, and ensuring that the product vision is clearly translated to all the stakeholders, including engineering and design teams. He has worked in Agile – Scrum, Kanban, XP and Waterfall methodologies, but prefers using a hybrid approach to ensure quick and successful software delivery.

When he is not working – he is mostly spending time with his son, reading a book on his Kindle, playing FIFA or binge-watching something on Netflix with his wife.

The Dark Horse


A Seeker

Deepak Soni

Deepak is a Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked on various domains such as Banking, Air Traffic Control, Cloud and IoT. During his career, he has worked as a Senior Developer as well as a Scrum Master.


He likes new challenges in any area. In Mavericks, he is looking forward to work and learn with a young and energetic team.

Apart from work, he likes to play football. He also plays FIFA on his PS4 with his friends. During the Covid pandemic, he started playing chess a lot and now has a chess.com rating of around 1800!

Ramesh - Profile Singapore.jpg

Master Shifu

Ramesh Baskara Subramanian

Ramesh is a seasoned Quality Advocate with over 17 years of experience spanning across different domains. He is passionate about Agile methodologies and believes in cross-functional collaboration to be the key to successful software development. During his career, he has also played the roles of Delivery Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach helping several enterprises embrace Agile and Lean practices.

Ramesh loves vegetarian food and always joins his wife in cooking different recipes when possible. He likes to read up on bikes and cars from around the world and enjoys traveling. He loves listening and singing Tamil retro music. A big fan of comedy movies, he often ends up hurting himself laughing out loud!!


Kenneth Yeong

Kenneth is a software developer and avid follower of Economics and financial new of the world. Kenneth loves getting lost on a holiday because that gives him a chance to talk to the locals and understand the culture and personality of the local population. Kenneth's idea of a holiday involves going on a road trip for rock climbing with a tent to sleep in and the excitement of making a few friends along the way! 

Apart from that Kenneth loves to work and likes trying out new language and framework and patting dogs.

Duck Dodgers MER-B



Alyna Tan

Alyna has a passion for gaining new knowledge. She wishes to better herself and grow under the guidance in Maverick. Being a committed individual, she is willing to face any obstacles and challenges. 


During her spare time, she likes to perform alongside external orchestras and does community services with different organisations. 


Sang Ni

Sang Ni is an inquisitive and results-oriented individual who is always up for challenges. She hopes to give it her all and make a lasting impact during her time at Mavericks.

Outside of work, Sang Ni is probably planning her next trip, indulging in a good read/drama or attempting to learn a new language



Sabeena Wahid

Sabeena is an open-minded and well-travelled individual; she is driven to learn as much as she possibly can about the world around her. She is passionate about socio-economic issues and hopes to raise awareness about the issues close to her heart. 


Sabeena likes to travel around the world through food from the comfort of her home. In her spare time, Sabeena enjoys spending time playing boardgames with her friends, obsessing over musical theatre and reading historical fiction.

The Crunchy Socialist


Pei Xuan

Pei Xuan is a responsible and resourceful individual who continually seeks for areas where she can improve on herself be it in the form of soft or hard skills. During her time in Mavericks, she wishes to learn more about people relations and the hiring processes.


Pei Xuan especially loves to watch Korean dramas during her free time, in particular, those with a very unique plot twist within it.



Ethan Mak

Ethan is an optimistic and enthusiastic individual, determined to always learn from his experiences and colleagues while continuously growing to be a better version of himself. 


Ethan loves football and has been competing at both national and international levels since young. He enjoys healthy competition, through gaming and sports, as it brings people together and provides motivation for improvement. He likes working out to be energetic. One of the things he enjoys the most is eating.



Alexander Ie

Alex sure does love learning new things at his own time. Though he does tend to get distracted or fall off track, he still tries anyway. Alex sets high standards for himself and does tend to pick up things quickly, no matter how mediocre he is at it.


Alex enjoys socialising with friends and reading webtoons, manhua, and mangas; in that order (sleeping and eating too). He is real simple-minded (and real bad at socialising).


P.S. He also can't spell his name properly...



Foo Shing Yee

Shing Yee is a driven and organised worker who seeks to learn as much as she can during her time in Mavericks. She aims to broaden her knowledge and persevere through any challenges that come her way.


During her free time, she loves to binge-watch dramas (Korean, Chinese, English) and Netflix. She is also very passionate about performing and performs at concerts almost every year.



Mary-Ann Goh

Mary-Ann is a people-oriented person and plans to acquire new skills by learning and working with the team at Mavericks. Always striving for quality in the tasks she undertakes, she aims to develop herself and add value to the team.


Mary-Ann likes watching psychological thrillers and singing in her free time. She eats all types of food and is always looking forward to her next adventure to update her foodie Instagram account with drool-worthy pictures.

DJ Foodie


Thaddeus Han

Thaddeus is a passionately curious individual who’s always looking to learn new skills and live each day to the fullest. An aspiring writer, he loves a good story, and enjoys spending time with like-minded individuals and listening to their stories. At Mavericks, Thaddeus is determined to grow and pick up new skills, while striving to make an impact on the lives of his teammates and colleagues. 


When Thaddeus isn’t working, he’s probably learning Japanese, indulging in a good read or planning for his next skydiving adventure.




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