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Getting to know our Mavericks - Hasni

Next up on our “Getting to know Our Mavericks” series is Hasni from our Professional

Services (PS) team. Read on to learn more about him and his experience as a Maverick!

What is your role at Mavericks and what does it involve?

As a lead software consultant at Mavericks, I participate in design and development, process automation, code review and junior mentoring among others.

How does a typical day look like for you?

I start my early morning by preparing a mug of coffee. Then I do my daily tasks such as coding, code reviews, technical discussions, and pairing with other team members.

How has your experience at Mavericks been thus far?

It has been excellent thus far! Mavericks has given me a great opportunity to explore new cultures and work with a collaborative team in a joyful environment.

Describe the Mavericks spirit!

We, Mavericks, are a group of individuals that do not follow traditions. Instead, we look for new “disruptive” ideas to change the orthodox way of thinking to achieve success.

What motivates you at work everyday?

Everyday brings a new challenge and with that, an opportunity to learn and a chance to improve.

What is a fun fact about you that many people may not know?

I am addicted to the pursuit of knowledge. Apart from IT, I am interested in any topic that can directly or indirectly affect the human community such as healthcare, education, science and the economy.

What is the motto you live by? Don’t wish, Do!

How has working on client projects been like? I am currently working with a team with the right skills on a government project. My responsibilities as a consultant include providing technical and functional support, setting up best practices and troubleshooting production issues. It has been great so far.

What has been the most challenging experience at Mavericks thus far?

As per any software engineer, the main challenge is that the tech domain is changing exponentially, and new technologies are becoming mainstream within the blink of an eye. So it is reasonable to feel frustrated in these conditions. However, we must keep up with the latest updates to stay relevant in the market.

What is your proudest moment or achievement at Mavericks thus far?

My proudest moment was when I assisted my client in rolling out its product to production, knowing that I contributed something that would significantly impact the construction sector in Singapore and the whole Singaporean community in general.

Is there any project that you are looking forward to take on in the future?

I look forward to having the opportunity to explore new ways to enhance the development lifecycle while improving the developer experience.

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