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Internship Experience - YuHeng

Interested to find out more about the ​​Mavericks - Internship experience and what it entails? Read on to learn more from our intern Yuheng, a current Year 1 student studying his Masters in NUS School of Computing, about his journey through our internship experience!

Tell us more about how the Mavericks internship experience was like for you!

I joined Mavericks because I was keen to learn more about the latest programming technologies in the industry. At the same time, I was also looking to gain new development experiences in a real-world, working environment.

During the course of the internship, I would say the experience here at Mavericks has been very memorable. First of all, I have gained so much experience working with trendy technical tools. With the help of the experienced developers in the office, I was able to complete the training project quickly and dived into developing the company’s in-house project - MaintainSimple which is an all-in-one digital application for real-estate facilities management. Secondly, during this internship period, I built a clearer career roadmap for myself regarding my goals and objectives for this internship experience.

The experience at Mavericks as a full-stack developer intern is both demanding yet at the same time enjoyable. With every bug fixed and every implementation of a function, I could see myself improving in terms of my coding ability as well as in my determination to become a professional full-stack developer in the future. Lastly, I really appreciate the working culture here at Mavericks. I received a lot of help, guidance and support from the other developers when I encountered technical problems. The colleagues in the office even prepared a surprise birthday cake for me to celebrate together on my birthday! Despite being here for only a short period of time, I am proud to be a Maverick!

Keen on embarking on a journey into the field of software development? Look no further and join us today!

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