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How do I:

  • Decide on the best software engineering practices to adopt?

  • Quantum leap in Time-to-Market from months/years to weeks?

  • Develop the right solutions my clients need whilst minimising conflicts/disagreement?

  • Swiftly incorporate changes in requirements into working solutions?

  • Produce defect-free clean code and pass User Acceptance Test easily?

  • Automate infrastructure management?

  • Deploy working solutions continuously?

  • Manage scope and delivery of an Agile software development project?

  • Create high-performance Agile teams?

At Mavericks, we help businesses build custom working software using advanced engineering and agile development practices. The software is built incrementally, which means that your customers can start interacting with the product early while you get user feedback and validation of your business ideas quickly. This new-age approach of delivering ideas as products helps your business reach markets in a lean and agile fashion.  

When it comes to the execution of business plans, using the right practices and tools makes a significant difference. Agile software engineering is an eco-system of practices and tools that help deliver software products to markets early and reliably. Witness your ideas materialise into working solutions on a daily basis, evolving into the final robust and scalable solution.  We collaborate with you in teams to realise your vision.


A shift from the traditional way of delivery, our methods comprise of practices such as Test Driven Development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD). With these practices, we ensure quick feedback at every stage of the software development, enabling our teams to continuously improve and learn.

We adopt these Agile practices to ‘build the right product and build the product right’. Each team is highly value-driven and will align with your business goals. With the use of metrics and Agile practices, the output of our teams can be measured regularly to ensure overall progress.

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