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Some of the Brightest Minds in Tech

Jigish Chawda


Jigish is a Software Consultant by profession. He has worked across a range of businesses in domains like Travel, Banking, Customer Services and Home Automation. He brings with him an experience of helping teams apply Agile methodologies and development practices like TDD, Pair Programming, and Continuous Integration. Additionally, Jigish has acquired extensive technical experience in mobile application development, successfully delivering enterprise projects to production. His penchant for exploring new frameworks, development paradigms or non-technical stuff allows him to share the knowledge through global tech conferences and conduct boot camps.

His non-working hours are occupied with reading, travelling, trekking, indoor and outdoor climbing, practising Yoga and of course, lots of good sleep.


Currently, his areas of learning are containers (LXC), protobuf and grpc.

Yoga Master

Jia Yu

Choy Jia Yu

Jia Yu has a zest for learning and hopes to be able to learn and grow as much as she can during her time here at Mavericks. She is always up for a challenge and  loves trying new things.

In her spare time, Jia Yu loves to sing, and learn about new things, especially things related to the environment and about the human condition. Her recent hobbies include tchoukball and thrifting.

Cinnamon Roll


Dzmitry Yaltykhau


Dzmitry is a business analyst who is passionate about creating software products that meet business objectives and stakeholder needs. His aim is to ensure strong delivery by maintaining a product roadmap and a healthy product backlog, as well as driving the software development by inspiring the Agile team to strive for better performance.  Dzmitry is also an experienced Agile Analysis Coach who helps business analysts adapt to Agile practices in software development and implement them into a working requirements design process.


Dzmitry loves building local professional communities and organizing their meetups. In his spare time, Dzmitry loves to unwind jogging in the park, doing yoga, travelling and cooking fancy dishes for his friends. He is advocating for sustainable development, human rights and being environmentally friendly.

Iron Man


Michelle Ie

Michelle has learnt much under the wings of Mavericks. She looks forward to her next assignments and might just have grown to be a bit of a workaholic!


At times, Michelle can be highly competitive, especially in games with her family. She loves watching anime, reading books and listening to music from a variety of genres. Michelle is also a devout follower of the mala trend, loving all things that add some spice to her life!

Mich Marvel


Ashish Pundalik


A seasoned full-stack developer, Ashish combines his hands-on development expertise with his passion for Agile best practices to partner with clients in creating superior business value.


He has extensive experience working with large multinationals spanning business domains such as banking, e-retail, management consultancies and gaming. He brings a full range of on-shore and off-shore experience, guiding the development of holistic IT solutions right from inception to deployment.


He is an active advocate of Agile methodology and guides teams in implementing development best practices. He is also actively involved in spearheading community meet-ups and other knowledge-sharing forums.


Ashish is a passionate biker who combines his love for motorcycles and adventures to explore new places. He is also a snooker enthusiast, experimental cook, gamer and dog lover. 

The Disruptor


Chelsea Li

Chelsea is always keen to learn and understand more in order to improve herself and be a good team player. Her determination to do well helps her as she takes on new challenges here at Mavericks.

Outside of work, she loves relaxing at the beach and spending time with loved ones. She is also passionate about dance, always eager to try out new styles and genres for fun.

Tiny Dancer


Suvish Thoovamalayil

Suvish is a driven software engineer with over 7 years of experience. He has experience in several business domains such as Retail, Banking and Real Estate. His technical experience spans across many frontend, backend, dev-ops and mobile technologies, having worked with startups and multinational corporations alike. He has a strong focus on discovering and adopting the very best ideas of cutting-edge software and bringing that to the enterprise.

In his free time, he likes to explore nature, trekking and travelling whenever possible. He advocates free-thinking and adopting an open-minded approach to anything new. He loves to read up on history, anthropology and language.

Mr. Anonymous


Tsoi Lok Yin

Lok Yin had previously been working on systems in the public sector as well as the aviation industry, bringing enhancements from the conceptual stage to deployment to maintenance. If you ask what is the most important thing she has learnt so far, it's that there is always something new to learn! Currently, she is seeking new challenges in her role at Mavericks and hopes to develop her competencies both professionally and personally. 


During her spare time, you may spot her attempting to walk across Singapore or in one of the many parks and trails (sometimes armed with a camera and tripod). Otherwise, she is crafting projects with a newly discovered form of handicraft or looking out for new places to satisfy her stomach.



Nat Young

Nat has worked as a software developer and consultant for over a decade across a broad range of domains including startups, telecommunications, finance, retail, advertising, construction, government, and NGOs.


Nat is a generalist engineer with a passion for delivering value continuously using a lean approach to software development.


After hours, Nat enjoys writing, travel, reading, and producing music, some of which is currently playing on BBC Radio One.

Flappy Bird


Johnny Bravo

Joseph Chin

Joseph is a driven individual with a passion for people. He is always looking for new skills to pick up and to personalize them along the way to cater to the needs of others. At Mavericks, he hopes to explore what it means to connect with people within a corporate sphere. 


He enjoys cooking, singing, watching movies, and playing (winning) boardgames in his spare time. As a psychology major, he is interested in exploring human behavior and the art of decision-making. Name him 5 Marvel characters that have never appeared in movies and win a prize!


Isha Tripathi

An Electronics and Communication Engineer by degree, Isha started as a developer 6 years ago. Over the years she has worked across multiple domains such as Health, Retail and Media. She has experience in over a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies, with a strong background of working with Agile teams and helping deliver quality software. 


Isha is a strong proponent of inclusivity and diversity, especially in the workforce. She likes road trips, salsa dancing and books - in roughly that order.

Curiosity Rover


George Ie


George is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience working in leading global technologies companies and with many industry verticals.  He was active in IT planning, consulting, project delivery and business development roles across the Asia Pacific and Australia.  He brings with him a wealth of domain and IT experience working with top companies around the world.

George is always keen to explore new stuff and loves good food, rock music, travelling and playing with his kids.  He loves to push his limits, which includes his car tires vs roads/corners, and chasing younger players around the soccer pitch while avoiding heart attacks.  Still a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy movies, he is currently struggling to beat his son on the PlayStation!

Tribal Chief


Pedro Viegas


Pedro is a software developer, consultant, and entrepreneur. He has spent more than a decade trying to build and help companies develop to their full potential. A strong believer in organic and custom fit processes, he is an advocate that modern agile methodologies and practices are part of the engine that leads to business growth. 


Pedro is a generalist with skills ranging from front-end to Devops to startup development and has worked in a variety of business with different sizes and domains, such as payments, gaming, e-commerce, logistics, and others. He is always driven to be the best version of himself and learn more every day.


In his spare time, he prides himself on his dancing skills, discussing philosophy and ethics, and discovering new places and people.

The Quiet One


Alyna Tan

Alyna has a passion for gaining new knowledge. She wishes to better herself and grow under the guidance in Maverick. Being a committed individual, she is willing to face any obstacles and challenges.


During her spare time, she likes to perform alongside external orchestras and does community services with different organisations.



Riddhi Agrawal

Riddhi Agrawal has 5+ years of experience working as a senior application engineer and Masters degree in Information Technology. Riddhi has driven and delivered enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. She is tenacious about following coding standards and bringing value to the project and end-users.


She enjoys spending her weekends along beaches and cleans the beaches on numerous occasions. She is a keen reader of Indian mythological books and recently developed an inclination for fitness and high altitude mountain trekking.

Mrs. Flint


Jean Ng

Jean Ng is a determined individual with strong interpersonal skills, always looking to further improve under Mavericks. Constantly looking to better herself, she faces many obstacles and challenges that are thrown in her way with her youthful energy and positive attitude as she strives to excel.

Apart from her working hours, Jean spends her spare time playing pool and binge-watching Netflix series on a lazy Sunday afternoon. With her love for aesthetic places, she is often found traveling to various cafes and museums. Jean is also a dog lover and would very much like to own an Australian Shepard doggo in the future!


Adria Lim



Adria is an optimistic and outgoing individual who loves learning new things. With an avid interest in Psychology, Adria strives to better understand and work with those around her. She possesses a strong work ethic and a hands-on approach towards leadership with a focus on building strong relationships. 


During her time with Mavericks Consulting, Adria is looking to broaden her knowledge and skills in order to contribute to a transformational team and actively engage with those inside and outside of the company.


Outside of work, Adria loves to perform in plays, is an avid dancer and occasionally records singing covers with those dear to her. She loves spending time with her family and friends doing outdoor activities and documents many of these memories through film.


David Rey


David is a software developer with experience in a variety of domains such as online survey services, digital marketing, cryptocurrencies, and investment banking. He has experience in full-stack development and is completely business-oriented. He has worked in cross-functional teams solving business problems with an end-to-end vision.


He is a big advocate of the principles and practices of eXtreme Programming, Lean Software Development, and DevOps. He sees software development as a team effort that goes beyond technology. He cares a lot about people and considers it crucial to have spaces for collaboration, trust, learning, and feedback.


David loves to exercise, travel, and meet new people. He is an avid reader who seeks to get a better perspective of how the world works by reading about topics such as economics, philosophy, and sociology. He pursues excellence in all areas of life and always looking for the perfect life balance.

Gretel Darby


With over two decades of client and consulting experience working in Insurance, Retail Banking, Mobile and Fraud, Gretel has been successfully delivering in start-ups through to large global organizations. Her key skill is bringing the business and IT communities together in a common purpose to solve customer and business problems. 


An experienced Agile Product Owner and Coach, she has also held roles as a Product Manager, Programme Manager and, earlier in her career, as a Business Analyst. She has lived and worked in four countries, and worked with teams in over ten different counties.


In her free time, she spends time exploring Singapore with her dog and husband, doing yoga, skiing, and cooking. She is passionate about wildlife and the conservation of their environment and is week by week trying to reuse, reduce and recycle.

Avalanche Rider


Lynette Chong

Lynette is a keen learner who is always up for a challenge and seeks to grow as much as she can whilst with Mavericks. A team player with a bubbly personality, she constantly aims to bring sunshine into her work environment and work well with others.


Outside of work, Lynette spends her free time stalking dogs and eating. She also enjoys the occasional good read, making coffee and spending time with her friends and family.



Abhinav Sagar


Abhinav is a product management professional with more than 10 years’ experience as part of product teams in the areas of Healthcare, Payments, Billing and Enterprise Communication.

He is proficient in defining product strategy, detailing product requirements, identifying user needs through extensive market research & analytics, maintaining comprehensive product backlogs, and ensuring that the product vision is clearly translated to all the stakeholders, including engineering and design teams. He has worked in Agile – Scrum, Kanban, XP and Waterfall methodologies, but prefers using a hybrid approach to ensure quick and successful software delivery.

When he is not working – he is mostly spending time with his son, reading a book on his Kindle, playing FIFA or binge-watching something on Netflix with his wife.

The Dark Horse


Isabel Chua

Isabel is a team player who is motivated to learn from others so as to improve herself. She is eager to learn more about the industry and to take on new challenges. 


When free, she enjoys binging on Netflix movies and TV shows. She is also certified (by one person) to be a good cook.



Miguel Jimenez

Miguel is an agile business analyst with a background in organizational development and business model innovation. He has worked globally with large multinationals in adapting agile methods to non-IT environments. On the technology side, Miguel has coached at full-stack coding boot camps to help aspiring entrepreneurs build products and ramp up their tech skills.


Miguel enjoys martial arts and water sports. He is a keen practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kite surfing. Miguel also has a passion for learning new things.  

Jedi Wannabe


Marilyn Kang

Marilyn desires to explore the different sides of the industry through the lenses of Mavericks Consulting. She is excited to face new challenges and to continue growing.


Marilyn enjoys reading, art-making and watching movies. She is also passionate about exploring nature and foreign places.



Miguel Jimenez

Miguel is an agile business analyst with a background in organizational development and business model innovation. He has worked globally with large multinationals in adapting agile methods to non-IT environments. On the technology side, Miguel has coached at full-stack coding boot camps to help aspiring entrepreneurs build products and ramp up their tech skills.


Miguel enjoys martial arts and water sports. He is a keen practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kite surfing. Miguel also has a passion for learning new things.  

Jedi Wannabe