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Some of the Brightest Minds in Tech

Valerie Kang

Valerie, a cheerful and self-motivated individual with an unwavering spirit to learn. As a team player, she enjoys working alongside with her team and views every tasks given as opportunities where she could hone her skills as well as an avenue for personal growth and development. 


In her free time, she loves to spend quality time with her family and friends. She also enjoys travelling where she can experience a diversity of cultures and lifestyles. 



Koh Hui Fen

Hui Fen is a bubbly and hardworking individual. Being a perfectionist, she constantly works hard to achieve her expectations and goals. She seizes every opportunity to gain new skills and strives towards personal growth.  

In her free time, she enjoys watching mukbang and beauty youtube videos. Being a food enthusiast, she would constantly travel around to try delicious food. She also loves to spend quality time with her friends and family, as well as her beloved cavapoo named Loki! 


Hui Fen


Eknath Salvi

Eknath is an aspiring Software Engineer with experience in application development, data pipelines, and framework building. He always seeks new challenges because he believes that with effort, hard work and smart work, there will be two outcomes: Success and continuous self improvement. 

He enjoys working in a friendly environment because working together makes us colleagues but the fun and laughter makes us friends.
He enjoys travelling to new places and exploring new cultures and environments. He enjoys spending time solving logical puzzles and is always ready to play board and card games.


Backthi Devi S

Backthi has rich experience as Full Stack QA Engineer. She is very interested to learn about the latest automation tools/technologies and new domains. She has worked on many test automation tools for Web, Mobile and Windows applications. She has good knowledge on various Test automation frameworks. She has played a vital role as part of the automation COE team. She believes that “Client focus” is the important key for Business success which is possible only by ensuring the quality.


During her leisure time, she likes to spend with kids, cooking new dishes and listening to music



Loh Sze Ying

Sze Ying is an aspiring software developer who wants to continue on improving herself by learning various different tech stack and frameworks, trying out new and different things, and ultimately gain the joy and satisfaction of looking at a finished product.


During her free time, she enjoys playing game, watching anime and videos, reading manga and catching up on news. 


Sze Ying

Julia Ong

Julia is keen and determined to learn as much as possible during her time with Mavericks. An eager learner, she is excited to broaden her knowledge as she interacts with and learns from the people she meets. 

In her free time, Julia enjoys binge-watching Korean dramas and occasionally practices embroidery. She aspires to pick up new languages such as Malay and Cantonese, and she regularly engages in volunteer work with children.  



George Ie


George is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience working in leading global technologies companies and with many industry verticals.  He was active in IT planning, consulting, project delivery and business development roles across the Asia Pacific and Australia.  He brings with him a wealth of domain and IT experience working with top companies around the world.

George is always keen to explore new stuff and loves good food, rock music, travelling and playing with his kids.  He loves to push his limits, which includes his car tires vs roads/corners, and chasing younger players around the soccer pitch while avoiding heart attacks.  Still a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy movies, he is currently struggling to beat his son on the PlayStation!

Tribal Chief

Hasni Faical


Faiçal is a software engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience in IT, where he had hands-on software design and development to create high-quality and scalable software applications with industry best practices.


He enjoys being challenged to play outside his comfort zone, and learning a new thing every day.


Faiçal is known among his friends and colleagues by his love of coffee and his passion for watching anime.



Michelle Ie

Michelle has learnt much under the wings of Mavericks. She looks forward to her next assignments and might just have grown to be a bit of a workaholic!


At times, Michelle can be highly competitive, especially in games with her family. She loves watching anime, reading books and listening to music from a variety of genres. Michelle is also a devout follower of the mala trend, loving all things that add some spice to her life!

Mich Marvel


A Seeker

Deepak Soni

Deepak is a Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked on various domains such as Banking, Air Traffic Control, Cloud and IoT. During his career, he has worked as a Senior Developer as well as a Scrum Master.


He likes new challenges in any area. In Mavericks, he is looking forward to work and learn with a young and energetic team.

Apart from work, he likes to play football. He also plays FIFA on his PS4 with his friends. During the Covid pandemic, he started playing chess a lot and now has a rating of around 1800!


Alyna Tan

Alyna has a passion for gaining new knowledge. She wishes to better herself and grow under the guidance in Maverick. Being a committed individual, she is willing to face any obstacles and challenges. 


During her spare time, she likes to perform alongside external orchestras and does community services with different organisations. 


Jia Qi

Jia Qi Hing

Jia Qi, being an enthusiastic and eager learner, hopes to take away new experiences and lessons from her time at Mavericks. She strives to do her best and overcome future challenges ahead.

In her free time, she enjoys playing mahjong and binge-watching the latest American TV series. She enjoys a good cup of coffee and just chilling with her friends over brunch.


Jia Qi

Jaspal Singh

Jaspal Singh

Jaspal is a product management professional with over 14 years of experience.
He has worked in both large and small distributed teams, across many interesting domains including Search engines, Life insurance, CRMs and equity analytics.

Passionate about solving problems in daily lives of people using technology, data & intution, he strongly believes in  "Sit besides your user is at the core of build products that yield value".

Recent interests of Jaspal include exploration of  "Lean + agile" product development and "no-code tools" for product idea validation.
Recently he has been honing is skills in Street photography. An Avid non-fiction reader, an "Age of empires" fan (strategy game), 
and sometimes found immersed in deep writing and playing acoustic guitar.



Perunthagai Nedunthagaikoe

Peru is a self driven Software Developer who likes challenges. He has around 9 years of experience and has worked across multiple areas such Web dev, Cloud and DevOps. He also likes to explore and learn new technologies.


He is a big foodie and a Sci-Fi fan. In his free time he likes to watch Tv/Anime shows and play games on his laptop. Some of his favourite TV shows are The Office and Fullmetal Alchemist.



Master Shifu

Ramesh Baskara Subramanian

Ramesh is a seasoned Quality Advocate with over 17 years of experience spanning across different domains. He is passionate about Agile methodologies and believes in cross-functional collaboration to be the key to successful software development. During his career, he has also played the roles of Delivery Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach helping several enterprises embrace Agile and Lean practices.

Ramesh loves vegetarian food and always joins his wife in cooking different recipes when possible. He likes to read up on bikes and cars from around the world and enjoys traveling. He loves listening and singing Tamil retro music. A big fan of comedy movies, he often ends up hurting himself laughing out loud!!

Rahul Rai



Rahul is a well-rounded software engineer with more than 8 years of experience. The larger part of his experience is in the Finance domain. He has worked across different technologies and frameworks and is an inquisitive learner who is always up for a new challenge. His thirst for knowledge and determination to turn data into action has contributed a lot to his past successes.

He strongly believes in the quote "When you stop learning you stop growing." In Mavericks he aims to continue his learning journey through effective collaboration and teamwork.

Rahul spends his free time playing strategy games. He is an avid DOTA2 player, his favourite hero is Luna. Apart from games, he listens to songs and sometimes binge-watching a series on Netflix.


Celeste Yeong

Celeste is a hardworking and motivated individual who enjoys working with others, learning new skills, and gaining knowledge. She hopes to grow and gain valuable experience in the Human Resources field from her time at Mavericks. 


Some of Celeste’s hobbies would include photography, playing video games and spending time with friends and family. She is also an avid foodie and enjoys trying different cuisines, especially when travelling overseas!


Jasper Yue .jpeg


Jasper Yue

Jasper is an adept software engineer skilled in automating repetitive and mechanical tasks to help teams focus on higher-level objectives. He has experience in the finance and healthcare industry, and is eager to explore new sectors where he can make a difference. With a touch of OCD, he desires to stay organized and maintain a sense of order in his work environment.


In his spare time, he is passionate about exploring his creative side through film art and games. An enthusiast of warm and bright weather, Jasper finds joy in hiking and cycling under the glowing sun. You can often see him sipping on a strong cup of black coffee while catching up on the latest tech news and videos.


Guru Prasath

Guru is an experienced Full stack QA engineer with 9 years of experience. He loves to take ownership of the E2E testing from requirements gathering to after release support. He has worked with different cross-functional teams in multiple roles. He loves this role because QA can support the engineering teams in a wider way.


Personally, he enjoys long drives and watching movies. He is also interested in visiting new places and adventures.

The Monster



Joash Teh

Joash is an outgoing and highly motivated individual. He is excited to learn about the HR processes in Mavericks and is excited to conquer the challenges ahead. He is always looking for ways to complete tasks in a more efficient manner and improve on the processes.  


Joash enjoys the outdoors and loves to spend time running or hiking. He also enjoys a good cup of coffee and he can spend a substantial amount of time debating on what is the best cafe in Singapore with you.

Jingle Bell

Koh Jing Han

Jing Han is a driven and inquisitive individual who proactively seeks out opportunities for personal and professional growth. In his time at Mavericks, he hopes to learn as much as he can, not just about the industry as a whole but also about himself. 


Outside of work, he is an avid photographer and enjoys going to the gym. He also likes traveling to see more of the world and aspires to document beautiful sights around the globe. 

Jingle Bell

Jing Han


Hakim Lim

Hakim is a closeted tech enthusiast who finally came out of his shell. He is passionate about creating and improving scalable technologies that bring meaningful impact to the world. An incremental learner, never afraid of a herculean task. He is always keen in finding product market fit and actionable insights to improve a business or customers journey. He also enjoys working with a diverse and multi-national team that shares the same passion as him.


If you happen to not find him by a computer, he often likes to put his fitness to the test and revels in a wide variety of physical activities such as Badminton, Kayaking, Rock-climbing, Swimming, Circuit Trainings and many more..


Maximillian Lim

Max indulges in the discovery of skills and interests, in the fields of programming, web-design and problem solving mindsets. He appreciates taking up challenges and roles above and beyond his primary Job scope.

Off hours, Max likes to take part in HIIT workouts, watch the stock market, read up on latest technology adoptions, window shop, take up online courses.

Max a Meal


Wong Jun Long

Jun Long, an aspiring software developer hopes to hone his skill set during his time in Mavericks.


He takes pride in his work and strives to improve his technical knowledge by keeping up to date with the latest technologies & frameworks.


Apart from work, he enjoys traveling, interacting with people from different cultures and sharing meaningful experiences with family & friends !





Lim Wen Xin

Wen Xin is an outgoing individual who loves working and interacting with people. She believes that investing in people is truly the key to success in any company. She looks forward to broadening her knowledge and skills through new opportunities Mavericks has to offer!


Outside work, she enjoys playing music and sports. She also looks forward to spending quality time with the people she loves during her free time. On some days however, she just prefers to kick back with a bottle of beer and binge watch American dramas / cartoons.

Wen Xin
Friendly ghost

Casper Lee

Casper is a friendly individual who took a switch from the aerospace industry to the IT industry. He hopes to hone his skills and learn new technologies and frameworks during his time in Mavericks. He also enjoys overcoming challenges and gaining new experiences.


Outside of work, he will be in the gym pushing his strength to the limits or he will be in the kitchen experimenting with a new dish. 

Friendly Ghost


Guan Wei

Phua Guan Wei

Guan Wei is an outgoing and hardworking individual. He loves to explore the unknown and welcomes challenges in any area. He hopes to hone his skill set during his time in Mavericks.

During his free time, he likes to travel and try new food. He also likes to find and play piano with his buddies to fulfil his piano-ensemble craze.

Bottomless Pit

Guan Wei
Paul Yeo

Paul Yeo

Paul is an outgoing and motivated individual who has made a switch from Mathematics to Programming. He is always looking to improve himself, and you can find him picking up new skills or technologies to complement his skill sets.

Beyond skills and work, he is always interested in discussing anything so long as it’s not about pop music.



Bernadette Tan

Bernadette Tan

Bernadette is an inquisitive individual who is always eager to learn and gain new experiences outside of her comfort zone. She is eager to acquire new knowledge about the industry and work alongside like-minded individuals.

Some of her hobbies include taking care of her pets (two birds and a terrapin!!) and spending time with friends. She also enjoys playing team sports (badminton, netball) and hope to take up more sports in the future.


Angelina Ie

Angelina Ie

Angel is resourceful and committed to striving for excellence in all that she does. She enjoys meeting and interacting with new people. She hopes to expand her skill set during her time at Mavericks, whilst bringing forth a positive attitude, the willingness and motivation to learn new things.


In her free time, she enjoys picking up a new book, building Legos and spending time with her loved ones. She is also a spice connoisseur and is always up for a challenge. 



Sonya Sara

Sonya Sara

Sonya is an optimistic and cheerful individual who strives to do her best in any given task.


She enjoys working together with her friends as they encourage and help her grow as a person. She loves watching movies and baking in her free time.


Amaan Khan


Amaan Khan

Amaan is a passionate and dedicated Quality Assurance Analyst having 8 years of experience in Manual and Automation testing. He has worked on large scale projects of high complexity and has managed to deliver them through all phases of functional testing. He moved to automation testing a few years back after realising the potential and it being a new found interest. He is always trying to improve his testing skills and always focuses on being a good team player with eagerness to learn.


When he is not finding bugs or not working you may find him reading up on latest trends in software testing, hanging out with friends (sipping tea), reading a book, watching football or playing FIFA. He also likes to cook for his friends and family.



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