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Some of the Brightest Minds in Tech

Julia Sim

julia sim_edited.jpg

Julia embodies a bubbly and enthusiastic personality, coupled with a deep love for anime and a plethora of hobbies, from capturing moments through photography to exploring new worlds within the pages of a book.


She is eager to gain hands-on experience in Human Resources, aspiring to build a solid foundation in this field while also honing her existing skills in marketing and events planning. With her vibrant energy, strong zest for learning and a willingness to take on exciting challenges. She aims to not only contribute meaningfully to the team but also to create impactful and memorable experiences.


Julia Sim

Anushri Gaddadha


I have a passion for biking, hiking, and trying new eateries. Exploring on my bike or by foot brings me immense joy, especially when I discover delicious food in unexpected places. Traveling is another cherished pursuit of mine; I believe the world holds countless treasures to uncover, and I aspire to visit as many as possible in my lifetime.


I thrive on learning and am eagerly anticipating the opportunities that await in Mavericks. I hope to learn different skill sets, knowledge and delve more into HR management and analytics.



Phua Guan Yuan

guan yuan_edited.jpg

I am a bubbly person whose infectious optimism would provide great joy to those around me. As an independent and hardworking person, I would usually spend my time learning new skills and taking on challenging tasks.


In my free time, I usually find myself gaming and watching anime. I also enjoy playing various strategic recreational games like Chinese chess to further hone my intellectual stratagems. I have not had too much experience in SWE, but i strive to take the most of my time and learn the skills needed to work with a team, and create a product together


Guan Yuan

Backthi Devi S

Backthi has rich experience as Full Stack QA Engineer. She is very interested to learn about the latest automation tools/technologies and new domains. She has worked on many test automation tools for Web, Mobile and Windows applications. She has good knowledge on various Test automation frameworks. She has played a vital role as part of the automation COE team. She believes that “Client focus” is the important key for Business success which is possible only by ensuring the quality.


During her leisure time, she likes to spend with kids, cooking new dishes and listening to music



Loh Sze Ying

Sze Ying

Sze Ying is an aspiring software developer who wants to continue on improving herself by learning various different tech stack and frameworks, trying out new and different things, and ultimately gain the joy and satisfaction of looking at a finished product.


During her free time, she enjoys playing game, watching anime and videos, reading manga and catching up on news. 


Sze Ying

Sim Jia Ann

jia ann_edited.jpg

With a positive learning mindset and a penchant for problem-solving, Jia Ann is committed to learning and growing his skills in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.


Outside of work, Jia Ann finds solace indulging in playbacks of live performances on Youtube, and pretending that he is there live. He also likes to play pool, bowling and volleyball. 

Jia Ann has deep interest in consulting and is looking forward to his experiences here at Mavericks.


Jia Ann

George Ie


George is an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience working in leading global technologies companies and with many industry verticals.  He was active in IT planning, consulting, project delivery and business development roles across the Asia Pacific and Australia.  He brings with him a wealth of domain and IT experience working with top companies around the world.

George is always keen to explore new stuff and loves good food, rock music, travelling and playing with his kids.  He loves to push his limits, which includes his car tires vs roads/corners, and chasing younger players around the soccer pitch while avoiding heart attacks.  Still a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and comedy movies, he is currently struggling to beat his son on the PlayStation!

Big G

Hasni Faical


Faiçal is a software engineer with more than 5 years of professional experience in IT, where he had hands-on software design and development to create high-quality and scalable software applications with industry best practices.


He enjoys being challenged to play outside his comfort zone, and learning a new thing every day.


Faiçal is known among his friends and colleagues by his love of coffee and his passion for watching anime.



Deepak Soni


Deepak is a Software Engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked on various domains such as Banking, Air Traffic Control, Cloud and IoT. During his career, he has worked as a Senior Developer as well as a Scrum Master.


He likes new challenges in any area. In Mavericks, he is looking forward to work and learn with a young and energetic team.

Apart from work, he likes to play football. He also plays FIFA on his PS4 with his friends. During the Covid pandemic, he started playing chess a lot and now has a rating of around 1800!

A Seeker


Michelle Ie


Michelle has learnt much under the wings of Mavericks. She looks forward to her next assignments and might just have grown to be a bit of a workaholic!


At times, Michelle can be highly competitive, especially in games with her family. She loves watching anime, reading books and listening to music from a variety of genres. Michelle is also a devout follower of the mala trend, loving all things that add some spice to her life!

Mich Marvel


Alyna Tan


Alyna has a passion for gaining new knowledge. She wishes to better herself and grow under the guidance in Maverick. Being a committed individual, she is willing to face any obstacles and challenges. 


During her spare time, she likes to perform alongside external orchestras and does community services with different organisations. 



Akeela Darryl


I'm a curious student who has pondered over many different careers, from medicine, to accounting, engineering but finally settled on being a developer in the tech industry. I always make note of experiencing great websites and products, with their obvious focus on giving good UX, to which I hope to build some of my own.


In my spare time, I let myself be absorbed in YouTube with the recommendations it gives me, that are typically related to anything tech-y like the new VR headsets or ML models. I also enjoy the nature and the soothing outdoors with my friends as a getaway from anything tech.


Si Ying

Ong Si Ying

Si Ying

Si Ying is a positive and diligent individual who enjoys exploring new technologies such as the different tech stacks and frameworks, and also improving her skill sets. She pays a lot of attention to details and ensures that all needs are always fulfilled.

In her free time, she enjoys building the nanoblocks in which she collects and watches many TV series. 


Perunthagai Nedunthagaikoe


Peru is a self driven Software Developer who likes challenges. He has around 9 years of experience and has worked across multiple areas such Web dev, Cloud and DevOps. He also likes to explore and learn new technologies.


He is a big foodie and a Sci-Fi fan. In his free time he likes to watch Tv/Anime shows and play games on his laptop. Some of his favourite TV shows are The Office and Fullmetal Alchemist.



Ramesh Baskara Subramanian


Master Shifu

Ramesh is a seasoned Quality Advocate with over 17 years of experience spanning across different domains. He is passionate about Agile methodologies and believes in cross-functional collaboration to be the key to successful software development. During his career, he has also played the roles of Delivery Manager, Scrum Master and Agile Coach helping several enterprises embrace Agile and Lean practices.

Ramesh loves vegetarian food and always joins his wife in cooking different recipes when possible. He likes to read up on bikes and cars from around the world and enjoys traveling. He loves listening and singing Tamil retro music. A big fan of comedy movies, he often ends up hurting himself laughing out loud!!

Rahul Rai



Rahul is a well-rounded software engineer with more than 8 years of experience. The larger part of his experience is in the Finance domain. He has worked across different technologies and frameworks and is an inquisitive learner who is always up for a new challenge. His thirst for knowledge and determination to turn data into action has contributed a lot to his past successes.

He strongly believes in the quote "When you stop learning you stop growing." In Mavericks he aims to continue his learning journey through effective collaboration and teamwork.

Rahul spends his free time playing strategy games. He is an avid DOTA2 player, his favourite hero is Luna. Apart from games, he listens to songs and sometimes binge-watching a series on Netflix.


Arjun K Sankar 


Arjun is a tech-savvy full-stack developer with over 7 years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing solutions with a wide range of programming languages and technologies.

He believes that new challenges always strengthen him and will give him a chance to learn new things in order to overcome them.

Apart from work, he likes to play cricket and watch movies. He is also interested in visiting new places as well as exploring the cuisine of that region.



Jasper Yue


Jasper is an adept software engineer skilled in automating repetitive and mechanical tasks to help teams focus on higher-level objectives. He has experience in the finance and healthcare industry, and is eager to explore new sectors where he can make a difference. With a touch of OCD, he desires to stay organized and maintain a sense of order in his work environment.


In his spare time, he is passionate about exploring his creative side through film art and games. An enthusiast of warm and bright weather, Jasper finds joy in hiking and cycling under the glowing sun. You can often see him sipping on a strong cup of black coffee while catching up on the latest tech news and videos.



Guru Prasath


Guru is an experienced Full stack QA engineer with 9 years of experience. He loves to take ownership of the E2E testing from requirements gathering to after release support. He has worked with different cross-functional teams in multiple roles. He loves this role because QA can support the engineering teams in a wider way.


Personally, he enjoys long drives and watching movies. He is also interested in visiting new places and adventures.

The Monster


Joash Teh


Joash is an outgoing and highly motivated individual. He is excited to learn about the HR processes in Mavericks and is excited to conquer the challenges ahead. He is always looking for ways to complete tasks in a more efficient manner and improve the existing processes.  


Joash enjoys the outdoors and loves to spend time running or hiking. He also enjoys a good cup of coffee and he can spend a substantial amount of time debating on which is the best cafe in Singapore with you.



Ng Weng Jee

Ng Weng Jee

Raymond spent 2 years as a Quality Assurance Engineer, making sure that products meet high standard. Having transition to a Consultant role, he is eager to use his QA experience for effective solutions. 

Outside of work, he enjoys swimming and jogging - they keep him active and bring a sense of discipline. He is excited to combine his professional skills with personal interest in this new chapter, ready for fresh challenges and collaborations.



Hakim Lim


Hakim is a closeted tech enthusiast who finally came out of his shell. He is passionate about creating and improving scalable technologies that bring meaningful impact to the world. An incremental learner, never afraid of a herculean task. He is always keen in finding product market fit and actionable insights to improve a business or customers journey. He also enjoys working with a diverse and multi-national team that shares the same passion as him.


If you happen to not find him by a computer, he often likes to put his fitness to the test and revels in a wide variety of physical activities such as Badminton, Kayaking, Rock-climbing, Swimming, Circuit Trainings and many more..



Lee Jian Hong

Jian Hong

Jian Hong is a junior software engineer who recently made a career switch from a sales executive role to pursue his passion for software development. He has developed strong skills in both frontend and backend development using JavaScript and TypeScript, and is eager to continue expanding his knowledge and contributing to his team and clients.


During his weekends, Jian Hong dedicates himself to learning new technologies, including frameworks, libraries, and open-source tools, to further enhance his skill set. Additionally, he prioritizes his physical well-being by regularly working out at the gym, recognizing the importance of a healthy body as the foundation for success.


Jian Hong

Wong Jun Long

Jun Long

Jun Long, an aspiring software developer hopes to hone his skill set during his time in Mavericks.


He takes pride in his work and strives to improve his technical knowledge by keeping up to date with the latest technologies & frameworks.


Apart from work, he enjoys traveling, interacting with people from different cultures and sharing meaningful experiences with family & friends !




Woon Yi Jun

Woon Yi Jun.jpg


I aspire to be a Software Architect, and always love to try new things; both programming and in life! The satisfaction of completing a programming project/challenge is what drives me to be a programmer. I love to explore and learn new tech stacks, and am eager to take on challenges. I've worked in many roles, such as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer, a taekwondo coach, bakery assistance etc.


I like to play games, eat, travel, play sports, learn stocks and explore new places. I also like animals, hiking, the outdoors etc. However surprisingly I mostly enjoy to stay at home! I also used to be a K9 handler/trainer in the army, and would love to adopt my retiring canine.

Yi Jun

Casper Lee


Casper is a friendly individual who took a switch from the aerospace industry to the IT industry. He hopes to hone his skills and learn new technologies and frameworks during his time in Mavericks. He also enjoys overcoming challenges and gaining new experiences.


Outside of work, he will be in the gym pushing his strength to the limits or he will be in the kitchen experimenting with a new dish. 

Friendly Ghost



Mohamed Najiullah


Naji is a Lead Consultant with over 11 years of experience as a polyglot full stack developer. He has developed and deployed innovative and scalable cloud solutions for various domains and industries. As a certified cloud solutions architect (associate), he has a deep understanding of cloud architectures, services, and best practices. 


He’s also passionate about sharing his knowledge and insights on soft skills and tech through public speaking and blogging. He has given multiple talks and written several articles on topics such as teamwork, interpersonal skills and cloud computing. Outside of work, he loves to play TT and badminton and watch historical documentaries.



Alexander Ie


Alex is a curious and passionate individual. Having just finished his NS, Alex still has much to learn. He seeks to improve himself through collaboration with other Mavericks to develop his soft skills all whilst having some fun along the way.


Alex enjoys to meet up with his brothers-in-arm in the gym or kick back at home reading the ‘occasional’ webtoon while listening to his acquired taste in music. Having recently picked up interest in Korean culture, Alex has a long road ahead of him with many new things to explore.




Min Htet Oo

Min Htet

Min is an accomplished software engineer with a background in IT service delivery. With a strong track record of delivering successful digital transformation projects for companies in Southeast Asia, Min is highly skilled in applying technical expertise and innovative problem-solving skills to complex challenges.


Beyond work, Min enjoys spending time with friends and pursuing a healthy lifestyle, often found hitting the gym or trying new street food dishes. As a passionate foodie, Min enjoys exploring the diverse culinary offerings of different countries.



Angelina Ie


Angel is resourceful and committed to striving for excellence in all that she does. She enjoys meeting and interacting with new people. She hopes to expand her skill set during her time at Mavericks, whilst bringing forth a positive attitude, the willingness and motivation to learn new things.


In her free time, she enjoys picking up a new book, building Legos and spending time with her loved ones. She is also a spice connoisseur and is always up for a challenge. 




Sonya Sara

Sonya Sara

Sonya is an optimistic and cheerful individual who strives to do her best in any given task. She is motivated to learn and expand her knowledge on the IT industry in her time here at Mavericks. She enjoys organising activities and prioritises mental and physical health. 


She enjoys working together with her friends as they encourage and help her grow as a person. She loves watching movies and baking in her free time.



Amaan Khan

Amaan Khan


Amaan is a passionate and dedicated Quality Assurance Analyst having 8 years of experience in Manual and Automation testing. He has worked on large scale projects of high complexity and has managed to deliver them through all phases of functional testing. He moved to automation testing a few years back after realising the potential and it being a new found interest. He is always trying to improve his testing skills and always focuses on being a good team player with eagerness to learn.


When he is not finding bugs or not working you may find him reading up on latest trends in software testing, hanging out with friends (sipping tea), reading a book, watching football or playing FIFA. He also likes to cook for his friends and family.



Mint Hu

Mint Hu

Mint believes that building strong human connections is what makes life meaningful and constantly strives to see the best in people. With her strong work-ethic, she's eager to learn as much as she can and make an impact as a Maverick!

Beyond work, you'll find her enjoying a tennis session with friends or crocheting along to YouTube tutorials while listening to Stephanie Soo's true crime podcast, Rotten Mango! 


Tan Wee Li

Wee Li

Wee Li is an aspiring software engineer constantly looking for ways to improve his knowledge and skills. He stepped out of his comfort zone and quit Accounting to pursue a career in software development. He hopes to learn as much as he can during his time in Mavericks.

When he is not coding, he would be spending his time exploring new cultures. He enjoys exploring new places, learning new languages, long walks, and hiking from time to time.

Willy Tan


Wee Li

Min San

Min San

Min San

Min is a T-shaped developer with a versatile skill set that spans across backend, front-end, mobile development, and cloud technologies. With an insatiable curiosity for the latest technological trends, Min thrives on the prospect of applying his knowledge to the company's daily operations. He is not only a dedicated advocate for product quality but also thrives on challenges, consistently seeking opportunities to push boundaries and find creative solutions. 

Beyond the digital realm, Min finds solace in outdoor activities like running and hiking, allowing his creativity to flourish amidst nature's beauty. Currently, you'll find him conquering the Kallang River with determined strokes, training vigorously for the upcoming Dragon Boat races.

Min San

Low Xing Ern

Xing Ern

Xing Ern recently made the switch to a career in software development and is excited to start her journey with Mavericks! She enjoys the challenge of solving programming problems and the creative potential of code. She looks forward to learning lots with the company and building applications that make an impact.

Outside of work, you can find her reading both fiction and non-fiction and playing computer games. She also likes going to the gym and learning new skills.



Xing Ern

Chua Jia Xiang, Colin


A professional and driven full stack developer who mainly works on web development in Typescript. As someone who has been in this industry for over 6 years, I take pride in a projects that are assigned to me, ensuring quality to the best of my abilities. I am always keen to learn new technologies and willing to take new challenges.


During my free time, I would explore more tech books, browse through tech forums to gain more experience and understanding, which sometimes could be applied in current projects. I am also an outgoing individual who likes to try out different sports, loves bowling, tennis, table tennis and gym.



Wei Jie

Wei Jie

Wei Jie's love for learning is not just a trait but a driving force behind his achievements and contributions in the field of software engineering. His ability to embrace new challenges with enthusiasm and continuously seek knowledge is a testament to his dedication to personal and professional growth.


During his free time, you'll often find him hitting the gym, where he dedicates himself to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Wei Jie


Wei Jie

Ong Chee Chai

chee chai_edited.jpg

Chee Chai aspires to become a proficient Software and Cloud Engineer, who is constantly looking for opportunities for personal growth, learning new tech stacks and taking on new challenges. Such as working towards obtaining new certifications, to improve himself.

Outside of work, he finds joy in nature, where he would go for spontaneous hikes around Singapore, having trekked the Coast-to-Coast trail four times. He also loves watching travel vlogs, going for adventurous overseas trips, and playing video games.


Chee Chai

Neil Sharma


I love solving puzzles and exploring new areas, especially in full-stack development and cybersecurity. Whether it's tackling coding challenges or code bashing systems, I thrive on finding solutions and making improvements. The thrill of discovery and the satisfaction of mastering new skills keep me motivated.


I believe that every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow. And despite my love for kopi o kosong peng, I promise I'm not as intense as its taste.



Maxwell Au


Previously specializing in Industrial Automation, Maxwell is a current student at NTU, pursuing an internship at Mavericks, where he is looking to learn more about web development and widen his skill set. With a keen interest in diversifying his knowledge, he is eager to explore new technologies and methodologies that can enhance his professional capabilities.


Outside of his academic and professional pursuits, Maxwell is a dim sum connoisseur, always on the lookout for great dim sum spots to satisfy his culinary curiosity. In his free time, he immerses himself in dance, practicing hip hop, contemporary, and locking. Additionally, he is passionate about tricking, an aesthetic blend of martial arts-inspired kicks, flips, and twists, which he finds both exhilarating and creatively fulfilling.



Naing Lin Aung

nainglinaung - Naing Lin Aung.jpg

Naing is a seasoned software engineer with over a decade of experience in the industry. Known for his patience and dedication, Naing excels in incremental development and problem-solving, consistently delivering high-quality solutions. He is passionate about continually advancing his skills and knowledge to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.


In his free time, Naing finds joy in cooking and spending quality time helping his wife, striking a balance between his professional and personal pursuits.




Benjamin Soon

photo_2024-06-02_22-54-40 - Benjamin Soon_edited.jpg

Benjamin is an accomplished software engineer with proven expertise in backend development, system design, and cross-functional collaboration across teams to deliver technological impact. He enjoys learning about modern technologies and keeping up with technological trends in the industry.


Benjamin is an avid music fan and listens to a wide variety of genres. In his spare time, he plays the drums and makes music with his band. Aside from music, Bejamin also enjoys watching movies and random videos on Youtube.


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