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Disruptive Strategy


How do I:  

  • Remain ahead of the competition?

  • Realize a great idea or vision quickly and successfully?

  • Better know what my customers really want and keep them as loyal and repeat customers?

  • Identify high-value business areas to channel resources to?  

  • Explore areas to invest less or stop investing in?

  • Get value alignment and buy-in from my people to form motivated and effective teams?

Swiftly transforming an aspiring vision into value-driven strategies and an executable portfolio is our expertise. We help businesses view strategies as hypotheses to be tested quickly and proven. We aid businesses to continuously evolve themselves to keep up with the rapidly changing landscape. We believe a good balance between divergent and convergent thinking is necessary to be disruptive and ready for the future.

Our Agile mindset helps to drive your strategic targets to impactful execution which will delight your end customers. We help your organisation be more responsive, systematically pre-empting changes based on business drivers and continuous feedback from the ground.  Empathizing and considering end customer needs is the core of our methods.

Source : The Fourth Wave - Design Thinking meets Futures Thinking - Anna Roumiantseva, 19 Oct 2016

We influence and equip your leaders and teams by creating a management mindset, culture and structure that's nimble and robust, allowing for course correction and adaptive learning from execution.  We help your organisation adapt and evolve to meet strategic value gaps within weeks, not years or never.


We make this happen for everyone - from young start-ups all the way to large matured corporations. 

Source : The Five-Step Maturity Model for Building a Collaborative Organization - Jacob Morgon, 11 April 2013

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