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How do I:

  • Change or adopt an adaptive organisation?

  • Enable my procurement teams to define specifications and better manage an Agile delivery project?

  • Enable and train my people to adopt new methods from strategic planning to software delivery?

  • Decide which talents to recruit into my adaptive organization?

Organisations have to transition from being reactive to proactive to remain relevant.  A company with the wrong technology, outdated processes, an uncompetitive value proposition, or a silo-ed and ineffective organisational structure needs a winning value-based strategy, structure and culture to reinvent itself. Strategic shifts such as new product strategy, market expansion, evolving growth strategies, new leadership and continuous innovations will help you and your people be more successful.  

Changes need to start from the top. A structured and well-designed programme is necessary to guide and measure progress in the evolution.  Grooming and hiring the right people will be an essential part of your programme.  Modifications to procurement processes may be crucial, especially for IT projects where the traditional waterfall-based software development is obsolete and not cost effective.

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