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Internship Experience - Zhi Tern

Zhi Tern is a current Year 2 Computer Science student at Nanyang Technological University. Read on to learn more about how the Mavericks internship experience was for him and if it is something for you too!

Tell us more about how the Mavericks internship experience was like for you!

Mavericks Consulting provided a fun and productive internship experience which was exactly what I was looking for! We were provided a training plan to kickstart our learning journey, and were then able to apply our skills meaningfully on real world applications. Throughout this period, there were also mini-lectures hosted by the seniors as well as online courses provided to add to our learning. Despite my short stay of just 2 or so months, I am confident in bringing what I have learnt into future projects.

What did you like about the Mavericks experience?

I love the workplace culture here as Mavericks is dedicated in providing a safe space and place to learn. Our assigned tasks are carefully selected with gradual increase of difficulty and we were given adequate time and freedom to tackle each problem. In addition, our passionate seniors are extremely helpful as they provide more than just solutions. They kindly explain what their approach might be and why, based on their experience. Side note, I love that we are able to customise the office pantry :)

Were there any challenges that you faced during the course of your internship?

As a complete beginner in full-stack development, I faced many issues from learning new libraries to understanding a web application's architecture. Many of these issues were mitigated thanks to the training plan and my friendly peers. I am guided to what I need to learn next, and the many discussions also allow me to understand what problem each library is suppose to solve.

What are your takeaways from this internship experience?

What I am taking away from this internship is the whole Mavericks experience itself. I have learnt new fields related to Software, proper procedures in Agile development, and DevOps practices. Outside of technical skills, I also picked up how to better present my problems faced and discuss intended solutions.

Do you have any internship advice for others?

  1. Do not be afraid of asking why things are done certain way

  2. Enjoy the process, internships are meant for learning!

Keen on embarking on a journey into the field of software development? Look no further and join us today!

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