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Ongoing Journey from Backend Engineer to Software Engineer

Do you call yourself a Software Engineer? If Yes, then just think about the points on which you think you are a Software Engineer.

Now let me put my understanding of a Software Engineer in front of you. I think a Software Engineer is a Union of following:

  1. Backend Developer (e.g. Working on Java, python, Database, Queues etc to develop the APIs)

  2. Frontend/UI Developer (e.g. Working on UI, html, reactjs, angularjs)

  3. Mobile Developer (e.g. developing mobile apps for android and IOS)

  4. DevOps Engineer (working on Infrastructure automation on AWS/GCP/Azure etc)

  5. Tester/QA (doing Automation/manual testing)

Now going back to the Title, I would like to share the ongoing journey from being a Backend Engineer to Software Engineer.

Before joining the Mavericks, I worked on Java, Springboot, python, along with some infra automation on AWS using terraform etc.

After joining Mavericks, the very first thing I got on my plate was UI enhancement on react js. It was an exciting thing for me, a kind of a new challenge.

On top of that the UI design requirement from Client was also challenging. But If you have a will to learn new things and supportive colleagues, You can do that easily.

And of course stackoverflow, UI blogs, github are always there to make your job easier. 🙂

I think everyone in the Tech industry should thrive to be a Software Engineer instead of Backend/Frontend/Devops.

So In short, irrespective of your current role. If you want to be a Software Engineer, you can easily become the one by having the following:

  • Willingness to learn new things/ technologies.

  • And some helping hands. Mavericks guys are awesome in doing so.

Just remember the following definition of Software Engineer from Wiki:

"A software engineer, sometimes abbreviated SWE is a person who applies the principles of Software Engineering to the design, development, maintenance, testing, and evaluation of Computer Software."

In Mavericks, I am on the exciting path of being a Software Engineer. I am looking forward to working on Mobile apps development and doing some Automation testing as well. Ending the note with a big thank you for reading this article. Happy Learning!

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