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Traineeship Experience - Hakim

The ​​Mavericks - SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme is a full-time attachment programme in partnership with Workforce Singapore (WSG) which supports mid-career individuals to widen their professional networks and gain meaningful industry-relevant skills and experience. Interested to learn more about how the ​​Mavericks Traineeship experience stands out from others as well as what it entails? Read on to learn more from our trainee Kimiko, a former Aerospace Engineer currently with us under the programme, and his journey thus far!

How has your experience as a trainee at Mavericks been thus far?

The experience thus far has been wonderful. The mentors and seniors are not only very knowledgeable in their respective fields but extremely approachable and nurturing. They proactively extend their help and readily share their expertise whenever possible. Mavericks also generously offers trainees accessible and affordable courses/programmes that will aid in our growth and development, to arm us with in-demand skills relevant to the industry needs.

Describe some of your tasks as a trainee at Mavericks thus far.

As a trainee, we are paired with a senior buddy who has a robust training plan that emcompasses the fundamental topics and technologies used. Mini projects and tasks are assigned and assessed by mentors on a weekly basis through periodic 1-on-1 sessions and code reviews. Collaborative and team effort amongst the trainees as well as learning from each other are highly encouraged as well.

What new skills have you learnt or picked up?

To date, we have picked up on some of the essential parts of Maverick’s DNA - To reject the norm, challenge the status quo, and think indifferently. For instance, understanding the benefits of having a business value approach as opposed to a planned approach, deeper knowing of what Agile embodies and how all these converge and translate into the daily work and processes that we do

Is there anything that you are looking forward to learning or doing?

I am personally most looking forward to more paired programming with the team. Being able to work closely with a buddy on a project in production and being able to contribute back to Mavericks in a meaningful way. And of course, continuously being exposed and evolving in real time to respond to market demand, the evolution of tools, technologies and techniques used in the industry.

Interested in our Mavericks - SGUnited Mid-Career Pathways Programme? Look no further and join us now!

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