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Traineeship Experience - Maximillian

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Interested to find out more about the ​​Mavericks - SGUnited Traineeship experience and what it entails? Read on to learn more from our trainee Maximilian, a Computer Science Fresh Graduate, about his journey through our traineeship experience!

How has your Mavericks traineeship experience been thus far?

The experience has been a welcoming and enlightening journey at Mavericks. As a trainee, I enjoy the team camaraderie and training sessions. The team is helpful, close-knit and thinks on their feet. There is plenty to learn from each other and they are motivated in delivering theoretical and practical knowledge on every occasion.

Describe some of your tasks as a trainee at Mavericks thus far.

Aside from participating in daily standups, as a trainee, we studied, participated in workshops and meetings to acquire experience in software languages, tools and practices. We did so while working on small projects to solidify the understanding in User Interface basics, backend development and database among others.

What new skills have you learnt or picked up?

I learnt new software languages to build the User Interface, backend development and database, new tools to manage code and applications, and manage and track progress among others. Most importantly, I learnt new mindsets, methodologies and practices in problem solving and software development.

What’s an accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

To be able to adopt new software languages, tools and mindsets that enable me to build applications is an accomplishment that I’m proud of, as it opens up more opportunities for creating more sophisticated applications!

Is there anything that you are looking forward to learning or doing next?

I look forward to being exposed to new projects involving the latest technologies and standards, and meeting new people to learn new mindsets and perspectives as well as to enhance my critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills.

What would you like to achieve in the next six months?

In the next six months, I am excited and would like to expand my knowledge in full stack programming languages, learning methods, and tools to build and manage sophisticated applications.

Keen on embarking on a journey into the field of software development? Look no further and join us today!

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